The Business

The Oblin Energy business plan is to build and operate, hybrid utility scale solar, wind, hydro, biomass, waste to energy power stations.

Aligned to OblinArk for free stream energy convertors (FSEC) and OblinEngine for strategically placed utility scale long duration storage devices that will assist in stabilization of national grids. Widely distributed renewable energy generation will be backed up with liquid natural gas (LNG) throughout the World.

A staged approach to development over the next ten years, includes augmentation of the national grids with new 500kV, 230kV,132kV core transmission networks.

Feasibility studies and environmental resource monitoring plans have been instigated to determine the very best locations for development.

Oblin Energy objectives are to actively support government and to provide access to everyone who requires affordable, secure, clean energy. Support the country’s infrastructure, enterprise and people, by providing that access through local employment, making a positive impact to the countries Energy Trilemma.

Actively promote the export of surplus renewable energy to neighbouring countries along with vigorously promoting energy efficiency.

We are honoured to have been accepted as a new member of the Dii Desert Energy partnership, MENA Hydrogen Alliance

Oblin Group Partners
Oblin Grenn Hydrogen and Ammonia Partner Morocco
Oblin Wind Partner Morocco
Oblin Energy Storage Partner UK
Oblin Hydro Electric Partner UK
Oblin IT Project Management Partner UK
Oblin Waste To Energy Partner Australia
Oblin Asian Logistics Partner Myanmar
Oblin Renewables Partner Germany
Oblin O&M Partner Australia