Electrical Grid Infrastructure
Installation, augmentation of electrical grid infrastructure to provide a resilient, un interrupted service to any community or society, such as transportation and communications systems, water, public institutions including, airports, schools, post offices, prisons and police stations.
Operation and Maintenance
For two to ten years, a wind turbine is under warranty from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and has an annual maintenance schedule. Beyond that, operation and maintenance (O&M) optimises the turbine's output and extends its life. With the price tag of large wind turbines at over a million dollars per megawatt, O&M is key to a wind project's profitability.
Solar and Wind
Many people think that improved low-carbon technologies are the only things required to enjoy a future powered completely by renewable energy. However, most renewable energy developers will tell you that we first need to find the right source. This usually comes down to two options: wind or solar. While wind and solar can generate large quantities of power, they both suffer from certain challenges that greatly hinder their acceptance as the replacement for traditional forms of energy. The way forward for renewable energy developers is to understand that they must use these two sources together to produce the power the world requires on a consistent basis.