Michael McDonald (Singapore, Myanmar and Africa)

(Oblin Energy Foreign Affairs Director)


Michael McDonald,

Michael has had 35 Years in South East Asia with a focus on Myanmar and Singapore and has worked in the Oil and Gas Industry for almost 30 years.

Born in Scotland in 1961, Michael has lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East and Asia throughout this time, with more than 30 years spent in Asia.

Michael started his career working in Aberdeen, the oil capital of Western Europe, as a manager with Hudson’s Offshore Holdings Ltd (Part of SelTrust, part of B.P).

There he serviced some of the largest names in the Oil industry, such as Chevron, B.P, Shell Petroleum Development, Schlumberger Inland Services, Tricentrol Oil, Halliburton, Edeco Petroleum, British Gas, Britoil, British Steel, Atlantic Drilling, McDermott International, Worley Engineering, NEI Parson.

Michael was then transferred to the Projects Division in London and then eventually to Abu Dhabi as Country Manager.

There he worked for several years looking after Hudson’s projects with ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company), ADCO (Abu Dhabi Company For Onshore Operations), NPCC (National Petroleum Construction Company), Fluor Middle East, IBI Bechtel, Japan Oil Development Company, Westburn Drilling, ADWOK (Arab Drilling and Work over Libya), and SUCO (Suez Oil Company, Egypt.

After spending 3 years as European Sales and Business Development Manager, based in Rotterdam and Antwerp, Michael was promoted to the position of Managing Director of Hudsons in Asia, based in Singapore.

From there, Hudson’s serviced their major clients in Sarawak and Sabah, such as Shell, McDermott International, Sun Oil Malaysia, EPMI (Esso Petroleum Malaysia International), Petronas Caragali, Pertamina Indonesia, Huffco Australia, BHP Petroleum Australia.

When fourteen oil companies went into Myanmar in 1990, Michael established, Yangon Express Container Line. This was a combined heavy lift and container service which carried materials and equipment for Shell Oil, BHPP, CGG, Unocal, Texaco, Yukon Oil, Halliburton and Parker Drilling.

Michael was a full partner in Ultra Developments Pte Ltd (Singapore).

As part of Ultra, he was responsible for driving a major project to build a 230,000 MT Fuel Storage and Distribution Terminal in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in conjunction with VTTI (Vitol Terminals and Tanking International), who are a world leader in the Fuel Storage and Distribution sector.

Michael is also working to source, secure and implement similar projects in the South East Asian region, specifically including Myanmar and Thailand.  He was appointed VTTI’s Myanmar representative in 2012.

As the region’s economy develops and its reliance on petroleum products increase unabated, the need for product quality and reliable facilities becomes more apparent for various countries in order for them to meet their ‘Strategic’ objectives.

In 2016 Michael was appointed the Myanmar Representative for Global Petro Storage (GPS) Pte Ltd and has been working to establish GPS’s footprint in Myanmar in the downstream activities of Hydrocarbons, LPG and LNG storage.

He was also instrumental in establishing the largest private mechanized farm in Myanmar with his New Zealand Partner, together with private equity financing from Singapore. That farm continues today to be the most modern and technically well-equipped farm in Myanmar. It was the first farm of its kind to install Pivot Irrigation Systems and drill for its own water supply.

Michael is also a director of Navis Marinus Myanmar Ltd. A Singapore based engineering and resources development company. Large scale port and city developments are currently being worked on in Myanmar.

Michael’s career goal is to leverage his extensive network of Regional Government Contacts to facilitate market entry for internationally recognized companies involved in developing Oil and Gas resources, from Upstream Exploration activities all the way through to the Downstream storage and retail sectors. Energy projects are at the core of his activities and is also working to assist Oblin Energy from the UK to enter the renewable energy sector.