Brannan Tempest (UK and Australia)

(Chief Executive Officer)

Brannan Tempest

Project and technical lead. Bringing to Oblin Energy not only the concept its self but also a rare mix of business development in computer engineering, IT services and electronic engineering. Brannan attended Kitson Collage of Technology, later qualifying as an IBM systems engineer, Brannan now has a long history of entrepreneurial success founding Fibrecity, Bluechip, Pharmacy2u, Agriwaste Energy Australia, Australian Biowaste Energy, Oblinko, OblinArk, Oblin Engine, TSA. He provides a solid foundation to move the business through its development and launch program. Brannan’s previous clients included many County councils, Crossrail London, Vickers Defence, BAE Systems and NASA jet propulsion laboratory. Brannan spearheaded a successful multi million trade sale of FibreCity Ltd, an internet service provider in Aberford Leeds to a leading UK vehicle tracking and telematics company Masternaut.

Brannan also possesses a strong passion, background and knowledge of most renewable energy technologies, transmission, distribution and clean green long duration utility power storage, he is also the founder and owner of three renewable energy patents that help towards mass carbon savings.